Diverse groups see balance restored to College Board’s AP U.S. History revision

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The controversy about a JeffCo school board member’s unsuccessful proposal to review the new AP U.S. History framework received a lot of media attention in the fall of 2014. Less attention has been paid to how the College Board’s July 2015 revision of the framework addressed many of the same concerns made in JeffCo.

The revision was greeted by outlets on various sides of the political spectrum. The education editor for the liberal Huffington Post covered the College Board’s decision to provide a more balanced approach to the advanced course:

The 2015 framework released Thursday directly responds to the fears of critics. As opposed to last year’s framework, it explicitly mentions the concept of American exceptionalism and emphasizes the names and roles of the founding fathers. Although this year’s framework highlights America’s positive influence on world, like its role in ending the Cold War, it includes about the same number of references to slavery as last year’s.

Writing for the conservative National Review, two American Enterprise Institute scholars made a similar observation:

Faced with a barrage of well-deserved criticism, the College Board went back to the drawing board. It has returned with a framework that offers an honest, fair-minded framework for teaching the grand sweep of American history. There is no effort to paper over the darker chapters of America’s past or its continuing struggle to live up to our founding ideals (nor should there be!) — but these are now presented alongside our nation’s ideals and staggering accomplishments….